Mark A. Cadiz


I’m a brand creative with diverse experiences in digital marketing, content direction, content production, journalism, copy-writing, photography, and video production.

In 2018 I founded West Island Co. - a men’s grooming & skincare company and act as the business & brand director.

Alongside West Island Co. I also work on big brand marketing campaigns with Palander Studios in Toronto.


  • Traveled to 22 countries solo;

  • Worked as a travel writer in Europe;

  • Taught Business English in France;

  • Launched my own DTC business;

  • Wrote an article for CBC News that was shared 1094 times;

  • Helped produce video marketing campaigns that reached thousands of views;

  • I went to business school, journalism school and photography school (seriously!);

  • Experience as photo editor and commercial photo retoucher for media outlets, magazines and photography studios;

  • Ability to film, chop up and colour grade video content;

  • Published nationally and internationally as a news writer & photographer for several media publications;

  • Two article features I wrote landed on the front page of Metroland News;

  • MasterClass with acclaimed Magnum Photographer Alex Webb;

  • MasterClass with the Boreal Collective in Documentary & Visual Storytelling;

  • Winner of photojournalism competition awards at Clix Photography Competition;

    • 1st place in News Photo Category 2013

    • 1st place in Sports Photo Category 2012

    • 3rd place in Portrait Category 2013

Former member of the Canadian Association of Journalists (CAJ) and former member of the News Photographers Association of Canada (NPAC).


Palander Studios, Venque, West Island Co., Entrepreneurs Exposed - E2 Podcast, Focal HealthCare, Common Ground Fitness, Phototerra Studio, Rebel Studios, Boost Marketing, Junctionbox360, Metroland Media, New Canadian Media, CBC News, Where Travel Magazine, Hermann & Audrey.